Who gets what where: Review of government-funded youth employment programs across Australia

A new report has been published by the Brotherhood of St Laurence which was produced as part of the YES Study. This paper identifies the range of current government-funded employment programs for which young people may be eligible.

At a glance

To tackle Australia’s high rate of youth unemployment we need to understand what’s currently being done and where the gaps are.

The report outlines numerous employment programs that are funded by the Australian and state governments and are available to young people (as of July 2019). It shows the scope and focus of government investment, and the effects on program design.

Dive deeper

A major part of the report focuses on Australian Government funded employment programs. It describes the inputs and program design of each program, and the discourses that have informed their policy solutions. Where possible, the paper also describes program outcomes, evidence from evaluations and barriers to implementation.

A shorter section considers the policy and program approaches implemented by state and territory governments to address youth unemployment.

Download the report on our Publications page.

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